SE13 – Opium for Ovid 3 – Daphne

Yoko Tawada, Translated by Kenji Hayakawa
Stereo Editions 2019

Daphne is the third chapter of the project Opium for Ovid, published by Stereoeditions in a collection of 22 separate books.


Daphne est le troisième chapitre du projet Opium for Ovid, publié par Stereoeditions en une collection de 22 livres séparés.

“It was already dark outside, and the letters, glittering rather cunningly, attracted many mosquitoes. One of the mosquitoes suddenly vanished in between the letters.”
(from Daphne, Opium for Ovid, Yoko Tawada, translated by Kenji Hayakawa).

SE13 Opium for Ovid 3 – Daphne