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Six Interviews with Experimental Filmmakers
Peter Kubelka / Ken Jacobs / Taka Iimura / Bill Brand / Philip Hoffman / Malcolm Le Grice
Alberte Pagán

“This handful of interviews originated at A Corunha’s (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico.
In 2012 the festival directors asked me to accompany Peter Kubelka during his time at the festival, which led to my first interview. It was a great pleasure to talk with a legendary figure of experimental cinema whom I had included, thirteen years earlier, in An Introduction to Experimental Film Classics 1945-1990, an exhibition catalogue that marked the Galician, and for the most part Spanish premieres of many experimental films formerly known only through written references.
Over the years two more dwellers of An Introduction to Experimental Film Classics came to A Corunha for the festival — Taka Iimura and Malcolm Le Grice. Ken Jacobs’ Tom Tom the Piper’s Son almost made it into the collection, but was ultimately scrapped for its duration. Bill Brand’s Moment had also initially been considered.
I was thrilled and delighted for the opportunity to converse with all these filmmakers. The interviews allowed me to delve into the details of some films barely known to me except from a single and fleeting viewing almost a decade before.” Alberte Pagán (excerpt from postface)

Booklaunch July 27 18h at Linha de Sombra (Lisbon) with Alberte Pagán